PART 3: Delivering success: 6 key features of a modern IT Operating Model

Placing the value to be delivered as the central focus – the “why”, your programme of IT Operating Model transformation follows a defined flow through 6 dependent elements: Success only comes when the model is put into practice, so underpinning each step of the transformation programme is the clarity of outcome that each decision taken … Continued

Part 2: Implementing an IT Operating Model – Getting IT done

At the end of each Vendee race most teams will be celebrating, some for winning but many just for successfully completing the gruelling race and the safe return of their boat’s skipper, but what the best teams will be doing is reflecting on the successes and failures from previous races, with everyone involved bringing the … Continued

Part 1: Ready and adaptable for the unknown journey

This 3 part blog series unpacks the IT Operating Model playbook we created, first looking at the outline of what an IT Operating Model is and it’s value to your organisation, followed in part 2 by an introduction to the 4 cornerstones of implementation and why you would do it. In the final part of … Continued

Lead or follow – Where milliseconds count.

1.86 seconds. That’s how fast Max Verstappen’s pit stop was at the 2020 Russian F1 Grand Prix. In a sport where fractions of a second make the difference between staying ahead of the competition or falling behind, huge amounts of time are focused on making sure the pit crew can consistently get the job done … Continued


A twinge in your tech.

Not sure about you, but on the odd occasion I get a twinge in my body or wake up having had a bad night’s sleep because of a sore back and I think “I wonder what caused that?”. It might have been that I lifted something a bit heavy a few days ago, or I’d … Continued


Technology: The enabler of change

Are you positioned for successful change? Our experience, as well as the success stories of many, many companies across all industries, shows that your IT operating model and the technology infrastructure you’re running are critical to your performance and key enablers to successfully changing tack when you need to. As with the set-up of top … Continued

Covid-19 recovery grid

This is not new or unique.

The impact of Covid-19 on business and markets may seem unique because of its health/pandemic angle, but in reality, when you take the cause of the impact away from the conversation, you’re reminded that the issues organisations are currently facing are the same issues that have caused many business to fail for decades and centuries. … Continued


New rules, new challenges. Ready for the unknown.

Formula 1 has long been looked upon as an industry where the teams thrive or fail based on their ability to continuously identify and deliver the smallest of improvements in performance. But there is an external force that acts as a leveller across the paddocks; every season the F1 governing body applies new rules and … Continued

“Hic Sunt Dracones”​ – Navigating our Next Imperative

As a young child I was always fascinated by maps, old and new. They seemed to spark hope, inspiration and excitement of journeys as yet to begin, and at the same time offer some reassurance about our own place in the big wide world. Today, with a deeper appreciation of art and history, early maps … Continued

Without technology we would be….Finish the sentence.

We can make a good guess at how you would end that sentence, but if we put it another way, maybe your response would be different. “Without the latest technology we are…” Inefficient? Lagging behind? Missing opportunities? Wasting money? Slow to adapt? Technology is one of the two biggest influencers that determine how successful your … Continued

Time to reboot your IT operating model.

A global success, leading the market with their devices and a technology that enabled users to securely access their email anywhere in the world. The largest telecoms giants battled to be number one selling their products, with huge amounts of resource being focused on partnering this tech leader, and some even trying to emulate the … Continued


Keeping up with the “Technologians”.

In the past few months technology has been at the heart of enabling organisations and individuals to change and adapt to unforeseen and unique circumstances. From manufacturing companies that have rapidly remodelled to produce ventilators, to schools and individuals using 3D printing to churn out face shields and families of all generations connecting via group … Continued

You are the Weakest Link – Goodbye.

What we can learn about Technology Supply Chains from “the Travelex Complex” It took just 2 days for the first major cyber-attack of 2020 to be reported. At time of writing, Travelex, the global foreign exchange company, is being held ransom by hackers, with its online services now taken offline for safety and internal processes … Continued

Justifying tech change investment.

What are the tangible benefits to justify IT organisation transformation? Bring specific tech challenges into the conversation, such as data management. There are great benefits to be gained by moving from siloed data to shared data across a business, but many mid and large sized organisations are still not set-up to make this a reality. … Continued

Don’t forget your talent.

Technology transformation: At what point are you considering investment in your people? With technology capability high on the agenda for most forward thinking organisations, it seems that the main focus of conversation is around what technology they need to change, add-in or update in order to compete. But what this misses is the fact that … Continued