Don’t forget your talent.

Technology transformation: At what point are you considering investment in your people?

With technology capability high on the agenda for most forward thinking organisations, it seems that the main focus of conversation is around what technology they need to change, add-in or update in order to compete.

But what this misses is the fact that their current infrastructure may very well be capable of achieving their goals, but the expertise to deliver the results is not in the organisation. Time to look at the investment requirement in talent – not just hiring in new, by upskilling your current teams, so they are able to get the most out of the technology investments you’ve already made.

This isn’t uniquely an IT function issue to address, most other departments around your organisation won’t be getting the outputs they were promised by the vendors, but it is an area in which the IT organisation can take a lead.

This process can kick-start change in the remit of IT, moving to position it as a trusted advisor and partner within the business, which is a positive enhancement of the role with regards to current and future technology optimisation.