Justifying tech change investment.

What are the tangible benefits to justify IT organisation transformation? Bring specific tech challenges into the conversation, such as data management.

There are great benefits to be gained by moving from siloed data to shared data across a business, but many mid and large sized organisations are still not set-up to make this a reality.

Not only are their sources of data sat in separate, unconnected databases, but also the role and structure of their IT function is not as it needs to be to make a change and ensure data is shared across solutions to achieve the best results and benefits all.

Solutions for HR, sales, marketing and production management are still being selected and implemented with limited input and influence from the IT function, instead of the IT organisation owning the conversation to ensure decisions are in line with a clear technology strategy that includes shared data management as a key requirement.

There are many proof cases to show the gains of making shared data management a key requirement of technology selection, so the first action for IT leaders is to present these to their board, along with specifics for their business.

This will fuel the conversations around transforming the role of IT within the the business.