Keeping up with the “Technologians”.

In the past few months technology has been at the heart of enabling organisations and individuals to change and adapt to unforeseen and unique circumstances. From manufacturing companies that have rapidly remodelled to produce ventilators, to schools and individuals using 3D printing to churn out face shields and families of all generations connecting via group video apps.

Beyond these areas that are focused very specifically on supporting efforts to battle Covid-19 situation, businesses are having to adapt their ways of working; how teams remain productive, making sure customer relationships are maintained, keeping their brand visible and addressing supply chain challenges.

And because technology is the investment that allows great and clever ideas to be realised, it’s at this point these businesses need to identify how well their IT infrastructure is positioned to enabled them to cope and overcome challenges like those being seen right now.

Sharp focus should now be on the role your IT leadership team plays in strategic conversations and the capability of your operating model to enable your organisation to address whatever market conditions exist and take hold of the opportunities in front of you.