We’ve been involved with IT organisation operating models and change for 30 years, in both large and mid-sized organisations. With this expertise we’ve developed a package of engagement that helps uncover the gaps that are limiting your success, define actions to enable change and manage the transformation journey.

Our team will work across your organisation to identify the ideal IT operating model for your business. One that evolves the IT function into a trusted partner across functions with key input into strategy and a seat on the board.



We know that you need to know what change looks like in your own organisation, before you initiate real transformation. For this reason, our initial approach to engagement is offered through 4 defined work packages, which when delivered together, provide a full and clear plan of action.

From the outcomes of this work, we will jointly define our role in enabling your change project.

Defining and planning Change

Service timeline Timeline

Change Enablement

Every IT organisation transformation project is different, so when it comes to playing a role in the delivery of your change programme, we work on a basis, that defined specifically for your organisation and goals.

The ideal approach is defined out of the findings and actions identified in the Defining and Planning Change engagement.