Technology: The enabler of change

Are you positioned for successful change?

Our experience, as well as the success stories of many, many companies across all industries, shows that your IT operating model and the technology infrastructure you’re running are critical to your performance and key enablers to successfully changing tack when you need to.

As with the set-up of top sporting teams, continuous improvement should be embedded in the way your organisation operates, because not only does it keep you striving forward, taking advantage of every gain you can find, but it also embeds a way of working that expertly analyses your situation and can plan and undertake the changes needed to not just survive, but thrive when even the most unexpected challenges are faced.

This is where you now get your first reality check. How well has your organisation been able to address the threats it is facing from the Covid-19 situation? Is it able to work as a collective team, using your IT operating model and current technology infrastructure to proactively plan and deliver a way forward?

If you still have question marks over what you can do to recover and grow, that needs to act as a red flag to you and your senior leadership team. It is a warning that your previous model of working, and possibly the approach to technology is way off what it needs to be for you to address the current situation, let alone to be competitive through the next decade.

This isn’t necessarily to say that you need to be thinking about heavy investment and ripping out and replacing with new, but what it does mean is that you need to review your IT operations in line with your strategy to move forward, identifying the gaps to success and planning your route of change.

The answer? Bring out the best traits of the Covid-19 Generation – common goal and collective effort.

Embed an understanding of common goals to give purpose and direction, not just for now, but to also paint the picture of how this will help the organisation succeed way into the future.

And to address those still focusing on self, clarify the outcome of collaborative effort for everyone at an individual level and set the expectation of how all stakeholders need to engage in the process to put a marker in the sand of pulling together.

This isn’t achieved with a simple message, it needs to be managed from a place of knowledge and with this being an essential change to your way of working, external facilitators with expertise in the subject matter and no emotional connection to your business, are best positioned to oversee and guide the journey.