Time to reboot your IT operating model.

A global success, leading the market with their devices and a technology that enabled users to securely access their email anywhere in the world. The largest telecoms giants battled to be number one selling their products, with huge amounts of resource being focused on partnering this tech leader, and some even trying to emulate the proposition under their own brand (but failing).

While in the background and being ignored by the board, customer trends and needs were changing, and competitors were quickly catching on to what the market now wanted – same capability, but large screen, multiple apps.

Jump forward a few years and the once global leader had reacted too late. They’d already lost too much market share and lost their position and market value. Not because their core proposition wasn’t good – it was still great, but the way they operated as a company and delivered that proposition out to customers was wrong.

Sometimes it takes an external factor to force change that you’ve been resistant to for years. Changes in customer trends, disruptive models or socioeconomic shifts. So, whether you’ve been resistant to change because of fear, lack of trust or unconvinced about the possible returns the required investment will bring, sometimes you have no choice but to react to the situation. Do or die.

Right now is one of those situations. You and your board need to quickly identify how you need to shift your approach to efficiently and safely deliver your proposition to the market and continue growth.

Inevitably, technology will be at the heart of your success. It will be the enabler to how your people work effectively, how you evolve your supply chain to remain resilient and how you continue to deliver relevant products and services that are in demand from your customers.

This will require an optimised IT operating model, in which your technology organisation plays a key and leading role in building and delivering a new strategy. A strategy that is supported across your board, because the benefits have been clearly articulated and the capability is ready and available to deliver. No more fear, lack of trust or doubt about investment.

To rapidly formulate an optimised IT operating model, you need expertise that can guide you and facilitate you in making the best decisions for the success of your business. You can’t wait a few month, until next quarter or next year. The planning needs to start now, otherwise you’ll already be behind the market.