Without technology we would be….Finish the sentence.

We can make a good guess at how you would end that sentence, but if we put it another way, maybe your response would be different.

“Without the latest technology we are…”

Inefficient? Lagging behind? Missing opportunities? Wasting money? Slow to adapt?

Technology is one of the two biggest influencers that determine how successful your business is, the other being talent. So, right now, as we’re in of state of looking to steady the ship and move forward, this recognition of technology, IT operating model and their importance to success is paramount.

Bring these together with an effective operating model and you have a powerful approach that will drive you forward and ensure you are equipped to address new market conditions and realise new opportunities.

However, if your IT operating model isn’t set for success and your IT leadership team isn’t effectively inputting into strategy, your business will be slow to react and unable to identify and navigate change at a speed that will have a positive result.

Transforming your IT operating model should be a key focus, whatever your starting point, and right now is the time to take the first steps to identifying what your target operating model should be and the gaps to success in your organisation.